How Friendnator can help people find the right partner at the beginning of the relationship?

Ground Research on Dating

Initially, to create the algorithm we use research that is based on existing married couples, and amongst those couples that have been married, there's a certain set of them that are the most satisfied, the happiest in their relationships and that is the basis for the algorithm. So, essentially when we match people up we are matching them up with people who share the same traits at the same level that the happiest couples are out there that's what compatibility means to us.

We know Online Daters Intent

Some of our competitors think that people go turn to online dating because they don't know what they're looking for... they turn and they say help me, I don't know what I'm doing? We don't think that's why people use online dating, we think fundamentally people know what they're looking for but, they just don't meet enough people every week.

Perfect Matchmaking Process

Men are very busy, they don't have time for bad blind dates so they outsource a matchmaker obviously, who's good at what they do or they outsource a professional in anything of what they do to do it for them. We think what we've managed to do as a company and as a service is to be able to take the ability to match people, understand it using research methods, science to be able to create an algorithm that can be scaled to apply to a lot of people.


We take feedback regularly from users who had succeeded in getting their dating partners and also from users who yet to find their soulmate, this allows us to improve our matchmaking algorithms very precisely. We have started this online dating site by simply asking questions from random people initially like, what are their intention of dating, what are their tastes and preferences, etc., and today we have around one million dating profiles and still growing the numbers.

Find your Dating Partner on

This dating website works quite differently compared to other dating sites, to find a date first you need to register with us at absolutely free of cost. Create a profile with beautiful photos, know how to create a smart dating profile here. Once you finished with your profile you have access to free chatting on, where you can chat with strangers, single men, or women who are available online. This may take you a lot of time to find your desired partner, but you can purchase a premium membership card. This feature helps you to find a dating partner faster and efficiently.

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