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In today's world, dating sites and dating apps are a really interesting way to meet people, whether your goal is short-term dating, long-term dating, friendship, relationship, romance, love, marriage, children, you name it. There're a ton of people on online dating sites, especially there a lot of men on these dating sites and it's truly a numbers game. You're competing against all of these men for the attention of a limited number of women online. This blog aims to give you a handful of techniques that are going to increase your odds of getting responses and with more responses you can get more dates.

Moving from online chatting apps to phone calls to dating together.

There is a rule of thumb which is after you've had three exchanges that mean, that you've had sort of an introductory banter, you've had a different conversation about another topic, and then a third, there could happen over any amount of time it could be in 24 hours, it could be in 30 days’ period it doesn't matter after you've had a little bit of exchange between the two of you.

How to Ask a Girl for her Phone Number?

You offer to text say hey I don't really love chatting in this app please send me a text and then give them your phone number, this is especially crucial for men because you're putting the ball in her court, you're saying to her here's my mobile number, you can follow up with me if you're interested in taking. This further allows her to decide if she wants to pursue you and it's an early way of moving from the app where you're talking to strangers to texting someone and texting is usually reserved for people who you at least know decently well enough to have their contact number.

Phone Friendship with Female:

After you've moved to text, you offer to do a phone call you just say something on the chat, hey, I've got to go walk my dog, do you mind switching to a call? it makes the most sense. If there's chemistry, ask her out on a date and don't care if you've only been messaging for 24 hours, the point of dating sites is dating, not writing endless messages back and forth daydreaming about how amazing that person is going to be.

How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date? | Experts Tip

So you move to a 15 20-minute call and at the end of the call if you decide that there's chemistry there you ask her out. Hey, you loved the Art Museum what do you think about checking it out together this Saturday around 2 p.m.? At this moment you asked her out on a very specific date and then you allow her to give you feedback, she might say actually it's a little bit early or a little soon for us to go on a date, let's keep chatting online or phone call she might say weeknights don't work for me but I can do a weekend. Then you put it on her, give her the responsibility to plan a date. Take initiative, make decisions, make plans that are specific to her into the context under which you are having this conversation.

Reasons why most of the women don't reply on dating sites

So many men they'll have an exchange of a couple of messages with a girl and then bam!!! she disappears or she just stops writing back, and there are several reasons that this can happen. The most common reason is that she's busy, she's inundated with messages from other men they are filling up her, in fact, she's getting hundreds, even thousands of messages, if she's on multiple dating apps from other men who are interested in her she's getting tons of matches, it's just again it's a numbers game. There's a lot of men seeking women out there, there's a limited number of women looking for me, all women on dating sites get in boxes that are absolutely stuffed to the brim, so if she's not messaging you back it's probably because your message is in a sea of hundreds of messages. And then, add on to that she's a real person, she has a job, she might have a dog, she's got friends, she's got family, she's got projects do it, she's got homework do, she has a full life, and she doesn't know who you are, you're just a stranger who is messaging her and is showing up in her inbox. So, the fact that she's not messaging you back really has nothing to do with you, it has more to do with her and her living and completing busy life, and please consider that, if she doesn't respond to you then it's not about you, it's not a mistake that you are making.

Top 3 Errors Men Make in Online Dating

Now if you are consistently not getting messages back from a woman then it could be that you are making a handful amount of errors that usual men make while they're new to these online friendship sites. A couple of reasons that she's not messaging you back are:
Number one: Maybe she had a successful date with one guy and because we have this sort of commitment to monogamy and our culture she's waiting to see if that pans out before she messages anyone else back. She might be using the apps because she just wants a little pick-me-up, she just wants to feel desired in there.
Number two: Either you're asking too many questions or just giving too many answers. All conversations whether they're taking place on online chat, or a dating site or at a bar, or the Thanksgiving dinner with your family are a balance of questions and answers, and both people are responsible for both sides. So, I ask you a question you give me an answer, and then ask me a question in return which I then answer. So balance the questions and the answers and balance the amount of text that you're exchanging.
Number three: Mistake that you might be making is that you're not being yourself, you're being too generic, too vanilla, too boring, you're giving her what you think that she wants instead of what's authentic for you.

Dating is a Number Game

So to recap, online dating is a numbers game, increase the number of messages that you get and hopefully increase the number of dates that you successfully go on, and even so consider this you're playing the field you have to play it like a game. Don't take everything so seriously when women don't revert you, it very often has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Their busy life, their life circumstances are the reason that they're on the apps. To begin with, initially, you can increase the number of messages, you end up going on by sending specific messages giving her a taste of your personality, balancing the questions and the answers, and the answers and the questions, and moving to text message, phone call and then in-person date relatively quickly.

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