Dating means different things to different people, dating is a romantic relationship and it involves some commitment, it's not like a marriage. Marriage is a very serious commitment. The pure meaning of dating is a form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals to assess the other suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse.
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Of course, it works, online dating is just a resource it's a system you plug into. Online dating is a predatory environment where women are self-qualifying and putting their hand up and saying I want a man and all the guys walk in there and say okay maybe I'll talk to you. There's a reason why online dating works, people who meet online get married within 6-8 months, and people who meet in the real world get married within 12-18 months.
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Friendnator is an added advantage that gives additional priorities to reach out to our premium verified users and you can connect with them directly hassle-free. The Benefits of the Friendnator is you can call/ send SMS to your favorite profiles with full privacy without exchanging your personal numbers.
Interest-based search is a hot cake in the market currently and is an excellent feature of the Friendnator where you can search active users in and around your location with a simple search and it’s so simple comprising of your tastes and preferences. In simple it’s a one-stop-shop to access our huge available database instantly.
Not at all, that’s the beauty of Friendnator. If you become a paid member you can enjoy all the privileges of premium users, like you can access any user profile irrespective of whether they are paid users or not you have the power to choose what you want and what you want to do that’s our promise.
Roughly 1000’s of other users can view your profile in an instant, as our search string and algorithm are so defined, at the point, you have your profile ready it will be flashed across the locations and regularly, so your popularity will always stay Topnotch.
Make sure all required fields are filled and the key is to be genuine, upload a genuine picture because statistics show profiles with pictures drive 95% of users to check out your profile, along-side update all the information and your physical statistics it makes the users very much interested in your profile.
There is an option Forgot password? click on that and a new window will open, enter your registered mobile number and click on Recover Password, check your message box to see your password along with your screen name.
When a member wants to chat with you, he/she will send a request to add them to your favorite list, a request notification will be sent to you through an SMS from Friendnator.com. Sign in and start chatting.
You can send or received a gift from your friend. Every gift has different values and per 30 seconds of talk time on the Friendnator is equivalent to 1 coin and from this coin, you can send an e-gift to your friend. If you receive a gift from your friend, you can redeem it against cash up-to Rs.500
Sign in to www.Friendnator.com search your interest-based people, go-to their profile, and click Add as Favorite, a request will be sent to the member and he/she will be added to your favorite list when they accept your request.
You will receive an SMS notification from Friendnator when a member wants to add you to their favorite list.
Interest-based search is the quickest and advanced search as you can search for the users based on your taste and preferences.
Yes, the registration is free and there are no hidden charges at all.
Friendnator.com offers you 4 different subscription packages based on your requirements. Please visit www.Friendnator.com to know in-detailed package options
Free membership users will not be able to call or send SMS directly to their desired profiles. Whereas paid membership users can gain access privately to call or send SMS with full privacy.
Screen Name is a unique name that will be visible for the other users who are viewing your profile. You can give any fancy screen name to attract singles for dating
Register free at www.Friendnator.com and by entering into the chat rooms, you can able to chat with online users who are available on the website page.